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Individual Counselling


It’s normal to experience a range of emotions through life’s ebbs, flows and storms. Yet, there are times when our circumstance, emotions, or ways of thinking become difficult to bear and support can be essential. Talking to a trained, empathetic professional is a very positive step. Counselling and talk therapy are shown to reduce emotional distress and build resilience, foster new perspective and create positive change. Together we can work to address your personal experience with any of the following:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Addiction/recovery

  • Self care

  • Self esteem

  • Stress

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Life Transitions

  • Eating Disorders

Book an individual counselling session

Sessions are 55 minutes in length. You are welcome to request a longer appointment if preferred.

The therapeutic process can equip you with tools for regulating your emotions, coping with challenging situations, working with difficult thoughts, expressing yourself, and adopting healthier habits and behaviours. Online option available through telephone or zoom video if prefered

Couples Counselling


Falling in love is easy…staying in love is another matter.

Love is meant to bring out the best in us. We know this does not always happen.

Our intention is to be loving, compassionate and understanding but we may be locked into negative patterns that are hurtful and destructive. Our relationships may be filled with sadness, disappointment and frustration.

Instead of spending your time agonizing and worrying about your relationship, you could be re-directing your energy towards building a more fulfilling and passionate relationship today. If you are hoping to:

  • Restore lost trust

  • Build closer connection

  • Resolve differences respectfully and peacefully

  • Reclaim your passion and intimacy

  • Learn better communication tools

  • Recover from an affair

  • Build a richer and more meaningful relationship

Book a Couples counselling session

Sessions are 55 minutes in length. You are welcome to request a longer appointment if preferred.

Family Counselling


Family therapy helps family members understand each other and work through difficult feelings in a safe space. This type of therapy focuses on improving the interactions and communication between family members. It is usually used when the family is contributing to a person's difficulties or when one person's problems are impacting other family members. When each person feels supported and works within their strengths, positive changes in relationships and in people's lives will hopefully result.

Are you dealing with:

  • Relationship difficulties?

  • Separation and divorce?

  • Blended families?

  • Parent-child conflict?

  • Self-esteem, depression, anxiety, anger?

  • Childhood abuse / neglect?

  • Parenting issues?

  • Stress and coping?

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