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Counselling Services

a safe place for everyone

Because We All Go Through Times When Life Feels

           Overwhelming and Unmanageable.


Lori Cunningham

There are lots of reasons to go to therapy. It’s not about “needing” therapy, it’s about deciding to make changes and improve your life. Therapy is a tool that can be beneficial to a lot of people, no trauma or mental health diagnosis required.

Some people decide go to therapy because they’re living through a difficult situation. Other times people find a difficult experience from the past is holding them back. Maybe they want to learn a specific skill, like maintaining boundaries, being more assertive, or managing their anger. Maybe they need to learn to cope with a tough situation or find the courage to get out of it. Maybe they just need a safe space to talk. Maybe they approach therapy without any specific goal. Those are all great reasons to see a therapist.

The first step is always the hardest.  I care for all my clients and want the very best.  Contact me today and get on the right path.


Lori Cunningham (she,her)   250-889-0083 

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